We, humans, are the highest consumers of the planet’s natural resources. At Gorillae, we are aware of the importance of giving back to THE planet in order to leave it not good but better than how we recent generations found it. 

"ONE BAG = ONE TREE" is possible thanks to our planting partner "One Tree Planted", a non-profit organization hosting reforestation campaigns all around the globe. Gorillae launched this permanent campaign on 2020 for the Everyday Matcha 100g, every purchase one tree is planted. We are reaching pretty soon our first milestone of 1,400 trees planted. Gorillae Matcha work ethic and environment swirls around nature.

Will support local, national or international non-profit organizations through donations, and of course, on education on sustainability. As we retake our marketing efforts, we thrive to educate and build a community of change through our vegan products.