What is the program?

The affiliate marketing program allows holders and non-holders to take part in the growth of Gorillae Matcha brand with the goal of giving community members a sense of ownership and responsibility for the magnification of the brand as a whole. Along with the Web2 marketing efforts, this program will position our brand around the globe.

How does it work?

Your benefits depend on which category of affiliate you fall into.

  • Community member
    1. As a holder of a Gorillae NFT, you receive 30% of all sales directed by you
    2. Payment will be 20% USDC and 10%  $XLVA (Gorillae Native token)
  • A non-community member with a social media audience
    1.  These affiliates will provide discount codes alongside a 10% commission on all sales*
    2. Type 2 affiliates will have a minimum posts/week requirement. 
  • City representative
    1. This position needs to be applied for
    2. Acceptance depends on accessibility to coffee shops, supermarkets and health stores
    3. Will receive a 10% commission on sales to stores 
  • Event Representative
    1. This allows individuals to represent and sell products at NFT conventions, farmers markets, health/ fitness conventions and grocery store tastings
    2. Participants receive product stock, stickers, fliers, table cover and tools to represent.
    3. A 10% commission is applied to Event Representatives

How do I become an Affiliate?

1.- The Gorillae Matcha affiliate program opens to everyone on Earth to apply on September 1st.


2.- Tier 1 & Tier 2 affiliate applicants should fill out the registration form on the following link af.uppromote.com/gorillae-matcha/register


A) Once you receive a confirmation email for registering, please fill out the google forms attached. The team will contact you regarding any questions/advice on how to promote and make sales.


B) Once the account is created and affiliate link provided, your commission on sales will be paid out every two weeks.


3.- Tier 3 & Tier 4 applications will be released further down the road to gather information from applicants such as geographic location and sales/customer service experience. The Gorillae Matcha team will get back to you for an interview and bring you into the next phase to start expanding.