HOME (n) |hōm|; The place where one lives permanently.

For us, both your planet Earth and physical body is permanent and real home. Note: damage on any of this two may be irreversible. 

Our commitment is with all living beings who inhabit this billion-year-old planet earth which we love calling home. We plan to build a community of change through our planet preservation and usage of sustainable health-enhancing products by bringing our customers high quality only Green Tea Matcha directly from Japan. 


Planet Earth, our complex and magnificent sphere is in need of real action, right now. Human development has lead us to treat HOME as if it does not really ever mattered. So much to be done needs a liable source of energy; that's where we make our special Earth & Matcha connection, thus being Matcha a delicious every-day booster with perfect levels on caffeine, amino acids, and daily food value for you to smoothly enact change through out your days. 

All Matcha purchases made through our website will be a tree planted through One Tree Planted Org. We set a goal of 1000 trees planted by the end of 2020. Part of our profit will be dedicated to supporting environmental and wildlife nonprofit organizations. Coral Restoration Foundation, Gorilla Doctors, Rainforest Foundation, among others are our target organizations. We will do our best effort to show evidence on donations you all deserve knowing. We are doing this together. 

Of course quality is a MUST for all of us at Gorillae Matcha Family, since we value each of us bodies, including yours. We seek to raise awareness on sustainability  having nothing but a positive impact on real HOME; your planet, your body. The impact we seek may not be tangible, but real notorious on the long term. Our valued customers, thanks for trusting and choosing us. 


Gorillae Matcha Family

Francisco A. Alonso ~ CEO / Founder