Our commitment is with all living beings who inhabit this billion-year-old planet Earth which we call home. We plan to have a positive impact primarily on you and  many other humans, plants, and wildlife inhabiting this planet. Our goal is to build a community of change through our sustainable and nutritious products, all matcha inspired, with only but the best quality matcha imported from Japan. 

HOME (n) |hōm|; The place where one lives permanently.

For us in Gorillae, both, your planet Earth and physical body, are your permanent and real home. Note: damage on any of this two may be irreversible. 


Planet Earth, our complex and magnificent sphere is in need of real action, right now. Human increasing development has lead us to treat HOME wrongly. So much to be done needs a reliable energy source; we got you! Matcha has been a trendy and uprising drink for the past half decade. We all think it's vibrant green tones make it special, while that is product of a supercharged plant powder. Every sip of matcha is what the real deal is at and it will help you start your days off with an agent found in matcha called L-Theanine which regulates the caffeine of one cup during 4 hours straight. That's what we offer you, a sustained energy from a sustainable product. 

All Gorillae products purchases made through our website will be a tree planted through One Tree Planted Organization. There's our second goal: 1000 trees planted. We are really exited on this new adventure and great opportunity to work along organizations with this positive impact. We will eventually support other wildlife and restoration programs; for now trees are being actively planted. 

Of course quality is a MUST for all of us at Gorillae Matcha Family, since we value each of us bodies, and of course, yours. We seek to raise awareness on sustainability  having nothing but a positive impact on real HOME; your planet, your body. The impact we seek may not be tangible, but real notorious on the long term. Our valued customers, thanks for trusting and choosing us. 


Gorillae Matcha Family

Francisco A. Alonso ~ CEO / Founder